Firm Principles

Law Office of Andrew L. Jones, P.C. is a growing team of dedicated professionals in Dallas, devoted to client service. We bring together diverse backgrounds of small firm, large firm, and entrepreneurial experience. We offer expertise in a variety of areas, including general corporate representation and commercial litigation, in fields ranging from oil and gas to publicly-held corporations, staffing companies, and professional employer organizations (PEOs).

Mindful of the fact that we are counselors as well as attorneys, our aim is to provide not just quick fixes, but long term solutions to our clients' legal and business needs and problems. In all our dealings, we strive for that which is legal, that which is ethical, and that which is right. We resolve to be fair and honest in all our dealings: with our clients, with others within the legal system, with the public at large, and with each other.

Our Mission: Do what we say we will do, treat clients fairly and with respect, find and create tangible solutions and results.