Business and Commercial Litigation

The bane of corporate existence today is litigation, but it's also a reality of today's business world. No company wants to get sued, or to have to sue, but when it does happen, you want litigators who know their way around the courtroom. We have honed our skills in state and federal courtrooms, dealing with complex litigation matters ranging from business "divorces," to bet-the-company lawsuits, to securities fraud and anti-trust actions. We know when to craft a reasonable settlement of a dispute and when to proceed to trial. The goal is always to achieve a result that is most advantageous for our client, and we do what is necessary to accomplish that goal.

We are well-versed in, and strong advocates of, alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, but are also strong advocates in the courtroom itself. We are also experienced appellate lawyers, handling appeals in both state and federal courts.